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Design by Ricardo, furniture and more

Twello Model D ©

Unique, new and different. This is our new model steel table base Twello. The square steel tubes are 3.15 x 3.15 inches (8×8 cm). Powder coated with a Matte Black. Optional colors are available like white, silver, gold & bronze. The design is inspired on a central base for a table of a max length of 8 feet and 6 inches (260cm). The height is 2 feet and 4,35 inches (72 cm).

As a Dutch furniture reseller and producer “Design by Ricardo” has a staff with very skilled and visionary people. As a company we are designing furniture and more. We introduced a new design of tables with metal coating, mattresses and more. Twello Steel tabel base is designed and developed by our company in the Netherlands. This model is officially registered as a Model, meaning that the exclusive production rights are legally protected and owned by Design by Ricardo B.V.

Buy or get a license to reproduce

To produce and/or retail this exiting new steel table base, you need to buy a reproduction license for unlimited reproduction by your own company, with the model rights document. Or you can buy the already made table bases from steel with a powder coating. For both; questions and more information, please contact us.